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But even at the low price, the feel of the thing is just so solid that it really does feel great in your hands.Aimed at eSports players and competitive gamers, this customizable PS4 controller aims to take gaming to the next level by offering a stylish.Express yourself with a truly one-of-a-kind custom controller from Controller Chaos.

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Next one of our Professional Graphic Artists will take your idea and design a round of Mock Up images for you to review.I think the PS4 controller is great but I still like the Xbox controller a lot.

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Our PS4 modded controllers are the most advanced you will find with all the features you need to dominate online.That being said, here is the best PS4 controller for Fortnite.

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Currently using a PS4 controller that I open up, removed the battery, and glued a micro USB to it.


I have the NACON Pro controller (great for FPS and other games but the 8 way pad messes up my inputs since it takes longer to press down) and the FPS HORI one atm (D pad feels weird and the turbbo button is to close to it).

BTW i wouldnt wastew my money buying off modded controller sites.

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It is easier to grip now and is very light-weight for a high-quality grip.Find great deals on eBay for ps4 modded controller and ps4 modded controller rapid fire.Modded controllers were born during the last eight years after the release of the Xbox 360 and ps3 consoles into the market.

Where Microsoft rate is high, you can still find a much inexpensive place with great quality.

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If you go out to buy either Xbox 360 or Xbox one controller, you might get fooled with the higher price and missed additional accessories.With so many PS4 controllers out in the market, it can feel a bit confusing trying to pick the best one.The original PS4 controller is black and bland, but these custom ps4 controller designs are sure to turn some heads.Personalize your PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS3, PS4, Xbox one, Xbox 360, Sony, Microsoft gaming controllers at cheap.This Mod replaces the XBOX-360 Icons used for Gamepads with the PS4 Icons.Modded controllers were born during the release of the Xbox 360 and ps3 consoles into the market.

If you are not happy with your performance in favorite shooting games, there is a quick solution that will dramatically improve your Kills to Death ratio and get you on top of the player list.

Still feels like a ps4 controller despite a bit of a different shape.Controller Chaos offers a wide selection of custom modded controllers for PS4 including LED mods, and rapid fire mods.

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Their prices are like 5 times what it costs to make the controller.Ps4 Modded Controllers - Xbox One Modded Controllers - Call Of Duty Controller Xb1 Rapid Fire Mods.

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It also adds a clean look to your controller, adding more appeal to the overall look.The Avenger Reflex modded controller for Playstation 4 makes your game play faster, stronger and smarter.Stay up to date with latest in video game news throughout the industry today.Our modded controllers are loaded with the latest performance technology and aesthetics to help you beat the competition in style as well as efficiency.

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It will even work on Android devices like the Nvidia Shield with a simple OTG cable.