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There are loads of different species of whale that migrate through the waters off the coast of Alaska, including but not limited to blue whales, gray whales, minke whales, and bowhead whales.More About Kayak Whale-Watching in the San Juan Islands Along with the acrobatic orcas, we watch whales of several other species on our San Juan Islands kayak tours.A citywide takeover by Lonely Whale leading Seattle businesses and cultural icons committed to incorporating marine degradable alternatives to single-use plastic straws resulting in the radical reduction of plastic straw consumption in Seattle.The most common whales you are likely to see in Alaska are orcas, or killer whales and humpbacks.Blue whales are the largest animal ever known to exist on Earth, reaching up to 30 metres in length.

Right now, Southern Resident Killer Whales are inbound, north of Elliott Bay and headed this way, according to a tip just in.We typically see members of our three resident orca whale pods (family groups of whales) the most in June, July, August and the first half of September and we typically see transient orca whales in April, May and the latter half of September and early October.Sail through breathtaking Deception Pass, and travel through the San Juan Islands, while trained naturalists introduce passengers to this remarkable ecosystem and its wildlife.

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Each tour is unique, but other common animal encounters include lots of marine birds, harbor seals, sea lions, otters, and porpoises.This offer is valid for life and does not expire This offer is valid for life and does not expire.With their fast boats and experienced captains, they can travel further and faster than other tour groups.Setting off from Pier 69 in downtown Seattle, this whale watching tour is the only one of its kind to visit the San Juan Islands from Seattle.The ferry Captain made the announcement and slowed down for all to see.

Anacortes is the perfect departure point for guaranteed whale watching and wildlife cruises.After 43 years in Seattle, what a thrill to have my first experience with Orca whales.

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The Whale Trail sign at Alki Beach Park is just east of the Alki Bathhouse, facing north.The shores and waterways of Washington State is filled with aquatic life like the Minke, Humpback and the California Gray whales.With all that coastline, there are plenty of places to go whale watching in Canada.

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Select a company that adheres to ethical wildlife-viewing practices and whale-watching guidelines, and.Book a whale-watching tour with one of the many companies in the area to see orcas up close.Sure, the rain can be insane, but we also can be in a foreign country (hey.

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Whale watching in Washington is one of the top things to do on a visit to the main city of Seattle or the popular San Juan Islands.

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The best time to see orcas in Alaska is during the months of June through September.One of the greatest places that can provide with such an experience is the whale watching tours in Seattle.

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Led by naturalist guides and captains, climb aboard a Blackfish fleet vessel and travel through some of the most picturesque scenery in the Pacific Northwest searching for orca, humpback and gray whales.

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Head to the coastline and keep your eyes peeled for blue, gray and humpback whales.

Seeing a colossal humpback whale take its deep, sounding dive with flukes flipping up above the surface—or a killer whale leap in a spectacular, wave-crashing breach—can be one of the most breath-taking moments of your Alaska experience.

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The low dusk light created a most magical moment. -Rex Gentry The low dusk light created a most magical moment. -Rex Gentry.Travel inspired cuisine by way of the Northwest, The Whale Wins roasts the very best from local beaches, gardens and farms in its rustic wood fired oven and serves it to share on plates large and small in a light filled, converted warehouse space.

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So stressful, in fact, that we forgot exactly how lucky we are to live in Seattle.

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Get up close with the killer whales of Anacortes, the home port to the San Juan Islands, on this guided, 3-hour whale-watching cruise.There are more interesting places to see orcas, or killer whales, than inside a theme park.