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Organic Carnauba Wax comes in the form of hard yellow flakes and is widely used in cosmetics as an emulsifier or as a thickening agent for lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eye shadow, foundation, deodorant, and sun care preparations.Earwax (ear wax) is a natural substance produced by glands in the skin of the outer ear canal.

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For the hard wax, apply as thick as you would peanut butter on a slice of bread.

Infused with honey extracts, this creamy hard wax is ideal for full body waxing of all skin types, leaving the skin soft and glowing.Buy low price, high quality natural hard wax with worldwide shipping on the hair is uprooted and not the skin when our hard wax is pulled from your skin thereby making it less painful.

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All Purpose Sophil - Organic hair remove wax allows an easy to use, comfortable, and beneficial hair removal process.

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OSMO Polyx Hard Wax Oil.125,.75, 2.5 Sizes Ideal for solid wood flooring or cork flooring, as well as wood furniture, trim, cabinets, toys, composites and oriented strand board.

The Parissa Organic Wax was great at completely removing hair in one try.On the other hand, pulling soft wax with a waxing strip often results in.


It is Orange in colour has an amazing Orange scent and is ideal for all colour paintwork.Even if you begin with organic soy oil, the nickel-catalyzed hydrogenation reaction that converts the oil to a wax makes the resulting wax non-organic.Hard Wax Oil finished wood flooring is featured in the Greystone, Old Town, Chateau, and Old Barn Collections.

Unlike hard wax, soft wax cannot be applied to the same spot twice because it removes layers of dead skin.However, in cases of blockage or excessive buildup, it may be necessary to try to remove the impacted or excessive wax.

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I tried a combination of organic soy wax and organic coconut oil.Koster Keunen provides Certified Organic Carnauba Wax Flakes for uses in cosmetics, personal care, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals.

It is the purest and most natural of waxes with the least processing and no additives.Carnauba wax is produced and sold in different grades, with T1 being.About 24% of these are bee wax, 17% are hair styling products, and 15% are candles.GiGi All Purpose Honee is the standard by which all other waxes are measured.It is more effective than shaving because it removes hair from the roots, not just from the skin surface.Because environmental responsibility is a critical component of our culture,.The wax acts as a helpful coating for the ear canal so removal of it is not necessary.

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Olive oil is an effective home remedy that can be used to remove ear wax following certain safety precautions.

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Kester Wax K-24, a low molecular weight natural ester, provides a natural that is highly compatible with most cosmetic ingredients.Many of the store-bought varieties of wax melts are made with paraffin wax, a petroleum-based wax that can emit toxic chemicals when burned.

Unlike other wax melts you can buy, these use beeswax and coconut oil as a base.One of a kind all organic hard wax Waxing is one of the best ways to temporarily remove unwanted hair.The thinner application of Sophil - Organic hair remove wax aids in the removal of unwanted hair. In.

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We use only high quality locally made natural hard wax and organic sugar.Titan is our premium, hard density wax, it contains 55% natural T1 Carnauba wax.

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It can stand up to the heavy footfall, knocks, scrapes and scuffs that everyday life throws at it.

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Hard-Wax Oil finish is an ALL NATURAL non-pollutant, non-toxic No-VOC, and we mean ZERO VOC, product with no biocides, no preservatives, and is lead-benzene free.

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Excessive and impacted ear wax is a very common problem that you or any of your family members must have encountered.However, both ultimately have the same goal: to remove hair from the follicle.Surgi-Wax for Private Parts is a salon quality hard wax with added maple honey.Used for centuries as an anti-inflammatory, the combination calms and soothes the skin.