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The first step is always to clean your nails before applying any nail polish on top, if you have a previous nail polish, make sure to use the nail.We have the easiest craft ideas for you to try with things that are just sitting around your house.

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Find your nearest off-leash dog park and let your pup do some mingling.Use nail polish to add a pop of color to the sole of your shoe.

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Here are some techniques that will make the complicated world.Acrylic nails add beauty to your hands, but they can be expensive when it comes to the removal process as salon experts charge lots for this service.

You have a hard enough time applying a single coat without making a smeary mess.Just make a single stripe of different neutral shades across the tip of your nails, then cover with a clear coat.

Very easy and cute paper craft making paper fish from construction paper which you fold up like a concertina then fan out and attach eyes and a string to hang them.

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In just five minutes, you can take out the trash, wipe down your counters, sweep, and throw away any expired items in your fridge.

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Your hands actually reveal a lot about your health, especially when it comes to your nails.Make sure you wear a pocket square and try to match that to the colour of your shirt.

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Our Step by Step Easy Nail Designs Pictures primarily help to improve an attire or enhance a regular look.Say, if you use pink, purple, and teal (I do), take the pink, put it on the pinky and thumb ends like french tips, then take purple, put purple as you did with pink but put it on the ring and index finger.Your nail technician should wash their hands before working on your nails and ask you to do the same.

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Here are 3 simple, seemingly trivial but important things that can ensure that: 1.

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