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Most of us are aware of the fact that in most metropolitan areas, you can barely go a full block without running into one Starbucks after another but believe it or not, Redbox has them beaten.

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The Redbox kiosk looks basically like a soda vending machine and can be found in more than 35,000 locations across the country.In addition, Redbox is still a much cheaper option for movie rentals than any VOD service, so it will still be the option of choice for many people looking to save a few dollars on their.Redboxes are usually located outside of gas stations, grocery stores and some department stores.

The best part is that you can return it to any Redbox location.For those unaware, redbox is a movie rental service centered around large red vending machine-like devices throughout the country.Since DVDs can be returned to any Redbox machine, I assume that the machines must all be on the same network.

I soon realized that my wife would be picking him up, making the Redbox location I chose 5 miles out of the way.One more good thing that I enjoy about the Redbox is the fact that I can reserve a movie online in advance and I can see what is out in advance. This way.

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You can return your movie or video game to any box in the U.S. Use the Find a Redbox Location tool to find all the Redbox locations near you.

After 30 days, and up to a period of 60 days, the refund amount will be applied to an Hbc Gift Card.

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I quickly placed a second reservation for the same film at a location a little bit.

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I do NOT use them anymore as the last game my son got was so scratched his xbox could not read it.Movie Kiosks Drive Store Traffic For a store owner, buying a Redbox franchise is a natural consideration because movie kiosks are proven traffic generators in two ways.

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Redbox has more locations than Starbucks We know that this is a huge and boastful claim, but it just happens to be true.

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Redbox codes for kiosks and On Demand You love what Redbox does, getting your movies and games.

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Some Redbox promo codes may be regional and not work everywhere or at all locations.

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On your first visit to Redbox (or the first time you use a new credit card at Redbox), you can rent a maximum of 3 discs, 1 of which can be a video game.

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THR: There are about 10,000 kiosks out there now, including your 6,000. How big.Yes, you can return your movie to any Redbox location of your choice, regardless of where it was rented.

The machine is quite easy to find once you go to one of the locations because of its bright red color.Redbox, the kiosk DVD rental service, not only lets you rent physical DVDs that you pick up and drop off at a kiosk, but it also has a collection of online movies and TV shows that you can stream right at home without needing a DVD.Customers can rent a DVD in less than 60 seconds using the touchscreen and return the DVD to any Redbox nationwide.

The per location startup costs for a movie rental kiosk are low, the labor required to manage the business is extremely low, and the profits can be very high.You can return the movie or game to any redbox, not just the one you rented from.